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Preparation and preservation of food takes place in a specific room called a kitchen. Many efforts have been combined in the kitchen department to promote its efficiency. A the kitchen should ensure proper hygienic conditions to safeguard human health.Kitchen remodeling involves setting up improved equipment in the kitchen to enhance its effectiveness. Modern kitchen equipment is essential in the kitchen restoration process.With the Invention of a stove and water supply kitchen has since seen modern improvements in its remodeling.

Kitchen industrial and technological advancements triggered remodeling. In today’s world where industrialization has been embraced kitchens are well equipped than in the past . Gas and electrification have also helped in the enhancement of an improved kitchen.Industrialization also caused social changes in kitchen remodeling. Gas pipes have been equipped into the kitchen to improvise on the cooking. Gas as a fuel is an efficient source of energy, and therefore it replaced coal in the course of achieving kitchen efficiency In most places, the older technology of using coal and wood stoves have been replaced by gas fuel and electric gas cookers.

Unit construction has contributed a lot to the remodeling of kitchens. Nowadays kitchens have been constructed with open hoods to accommodate the many family members .Improved methods of cooking, kitchen remodeling has become a major concern in the recent world.Air circulation and ventilating are also crucial in kitchen restoration processes .cooking process in the restaurants has been made efficient due to improved kitchen.Hotel kitchens usually have tiled walls and floors and use stainless steel for other surfaces.

Modern kitchens are always equipped with gas stoves so that regulation of heat can be efficient. Special appliances are typical for modern kitchens.With the efficiency of food convenience restaurants record high numbers of customers.With the introduction of modern equipment in the kitchen, restaurants have recorded high profits.In outdoor activities where food is prepared like camping, cooking has been improvised since there are modern portable equipment that enhances efficiency and faster food cooking.Improvised kitchen types of equipment are also in schools where the students are taught on the modern cooking methods and kitchen remodeling ideas.Modern kitchen remodeling was first recognised in the canteen kitchens.The kitchen in railway stations present special faces the problems of lack of enough space.Access to good health care and public health has also been ensured since many kitchens are improvised thus the reduction in health problems.

Some homes have kitchens divided with each designed for different uses.Kitchen remodeling has become a major trend in the improvement of the kitchen.Chimneys have helped in absorbing smoke emissions in the kitchen.kitchens are mostly built separately especially in rural places.Growth of towns has significantly changed the kitchen remodeling.These trends have evolved in the domestic kitchen architecture. Kitchen remodeling has played a great role in enhancing catering as a profession. With kitchen remodeling not only human health is safeguarded but also many benefits which are endless are likely to be enjoyed.

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